The South Carolina Association of School Administrators was founded in 1975 and is the voice and advocate of quality public education for all students and provides leadership development and support for school leaders. We strive to have great leaders in every school and district in South Carolina who ensure the success of every student.

SCASA represents school leaders in the General Assembly, State Board of Education, and other entities whose decisions affect public education in South Carolina. SCASA also provides superior leadership development to grow and enhance school leaders. 

In 2017, with the generous support of individual donors, businesses, and community partners, SCASA, the Center for Executive Education Leadership (CEEL), and the SC Foundation for Educational Leadership secured a new home for the Association and its members: 

The Center for Education Leadership
1 Fernandina Court
Columbia, SC 29212


Structure and Governance: 

SCASA members join one of 10 affiliates which represent various areas of school leadership:
  • Superintendents
  • Secondary Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Middle Level Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Elementary Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Career and Technology Directors
  • Adult Education Directors
  • School Personnel Administrators
  • Education Specialists Administrators
  • Instructional Leaders
  • Higher Education

SCASA is governed by an elected board, with representation from each affiliate. The SCASA Board oversees all activities of the Association and guides the direction of the organization.

Standing committees, both at SCASA and the affiliate level, keep members closely involved in the governance of the Association. These committees have significant impact on the issues, concerns, interest, and direction of the Association.

SCASA committees have far-reaching tasks which affect all SCASA members, while affiliate committees deal with specific issues and concerns affecting that affiliate or area of school leadership. Occasionally, ad hoc committees are formed to address special issues. 

SCASA’s standing committees include:
  • Legislative Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Innovative Ideas Institute Committee
  • Palmetto's Finest Committee

The Center for Executive Education Leadership (CEEL):

The CEEL program offers leadership development for novice and seasoned assistant principals, principals, district leaders, and superintendents.

The comprehensive CEEL model includes programming that incorporates rigorous participant assessment, core content to support growth in strategic leadership, interpersonal leadership and results-focused leadership, as well as formal mentoring and coaching supports for leaders at all stages of their career. CEEL utilizes unique, multicontextual design and delivery which includes seasoned education leaders working alongside and in collaboration with private and public business leaders to facilitate learning.

The SC Foundation for Educational Leadership:

The SC Foundation for Educational Leadership was formed in 1991 to support SCASA’s capital improvement and programmatic needs. Today, the Foundation serves as the financial support for the Center for Executive Education Leadership and enabled SCASA to secure and maintain a state of the art leadership development facility.