SCASA Events Calendar
The Events Calendar is a listing of all SCASA events including roundtable meetings and conferences. It also provides registration links for each event.

Center for Executive Education Leadership
In response to both the leadership pipeline needs and the broader need to develop and support leadership in South Carolina, our organization, the South Carolina Association of School Administrators, through our foundation, the South Carolina Foundation for Educational Leadership, is currently launching the Center for Executive Education Leadership (CEEL).

Innovative Ideas Institute
Innovative Ideas Institute is SCASA's premier annual conference held in June of each year. This conference rivals any national conference with a multitude of breakout sessions featuring innovative programs and best practices from colleagues across South Carolina, North Carolina, and the nation; national recognized keynote speakers; professional development geared toward helping administrators improve their school.

Seminar Series
SCASA Seminar Series is a series of one-day seminars each focused on a single topic of theme. Many seminars are held at the SCASA office in Columbia, other parts of the state, or online as a webinar. Subscribing districts may send any number of employees to any number of seminars.

Seminar Subscribers
Districts may subscribe to the Seminar Series each year and may send any number of employees to any number of seminars. A seminar subscription is independent of an institutional membership in SCASA. Subscription invoices are mailed to each district in the summer of every year.