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Monday, June 20, 2022 Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Monday: June 20, 2022

11:00 a.m. Time Slot:

Accelerating the Learning and Success of Underserved Populations: Birth through Grade 12

Accelerating the Learning and Success of Students - Sandy Brossard.pdf


Accreditation: Moving Beyond Accountability to Continuous Improvement


Changes to School Accountability: Student Growth that Adds Value

SCASA_i3_EOC Student Growth - Matthew Ferguson.pdf


Crisis Management Leadership


District Level Special Education Compliance Monitoring with Targeted Support

i3 2022 Presentation - Sara-Frances Lail.pptx


From Poverty to Promise: How Dual Enrollment and Work Based Learning Prepare Students for the Future Now

From Poverty to Promise


Hot Topics in School Law for School Administrators

SCASA i3 Presentation - Kathy Mahoney.pptx


Meeting the Needs of ALL Students: How the SC Teaching Standards and Revised PADEPP Leadership Rubric Can Help You Create Effective Learning Environments

Meeting the needs of ALL students ADEPT_PADEPP Resources - Lilla Toal Mandsager.docx


Monaview on the Map: Our Journey through Co-Teaching Implementation for our Multi-Language Learners


Practice Makes Perfect


Renewed, Refreshed, and Refined School Renewal Plan

SRP SCASA_22 - Salvatore Minolfo.pptx


Teacher Efficacy in Curriculum Change - Why does it matter?

Teacher Efficacy in Curriculum Change - - Russell Clark.pdf


The Best of Both Worlds: Mom & School Administrator


The Lighthouse Project: Home of the "World Class Chiefs"

The Lighthouse Project Slides


The Naked Truth- Unraveling Issues of Injustice and Inequities

What Is Privilege - Adrienne Jones.pdf

The Naked Truth- AJ Jones - Adrienne Jones.pdf

12:15 p.m. Time Slot:

Bridgetek Solutions - VR, AR, & Esports: The Future of Engaging Education


Classworks - MTSS Roundtable Discussion


Curriculum Associates - South Carolina Administrators, Did You Know i-Ready is State-Approved?


Discovery Education - Lunch & Learn with Discovery Education - Using Discovery Resources to Support Teachers


DreamBox Learning - What is DreamBox Literacy?

Overview of Reading Lessons (Reading Plus) - Rachael Halley.pdf

Texts That Teach (Reading Plus) - Rachael Halley.pdf

4-12 Week COVID Study (Reading Plus) - Rachael Halley.pdf

Research on Reading Plus - Rachael Halley.pdf

Implementation Approaches (Reading Plus) - Rachael Halley.pdf


Edmentum - Building a Sustainable Ecosystem of Digital Tools


Horace Mann - Navigating the Public Service Loan Forgiveness changes


iStation - High Dosage Tutoring to Accelerate Instruction


Mark III Employee Benefits - The Value of Employee Communication: How Your District Can Retain Top Talent


McGraw Hill/Achieve3000 - Acceleration VS Remediation: How Adaptive Resources Can Help Accelerate ALL Learners


Savvas Learning - Give EVERY Student A Strong Start in Reading

Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading Scope & Sequence - Samantha Saxenmeyer.pdf

Savvas Essentials Foundational Reading c2023 Announcement Flyer (1) - Samantha Saxenmeyer.pdf

1:00 p.m. Time Slot:

Deep Dive Session: Active Shooter Response, Reunification and Insights Gained from a Real Experience

Active Shooter Response Presentation Slides


Deep Dive Session: What if? Leveraging the Power of Science to Remove Barriers for Every Student Every Day

Pawloski Handout - Tammy Pawloski.pdf

Pawloski Handout with Links - Tammy Pawloski.pdf


Digital Resources Have Become Essential - How Do We Know They Are Safe?

Digital Resources Have Become Essention_How Do We Know They Are Safe_SCASA i3_2022 - Carol Lunsford.pdf


Focusing on The V.I.E.W.

Focusing on the V.I.E.W - Melissa Myers.pptx


Instant Ideas


It Takes Three! Building the Structure to Ensure Effective Student Supports

It Takes Three! Building the Structure to Ensure Effective Student Supports


No More TEARS...Making the TIERS Make Sense

Tears - Merriman Nichols


Personalizing Learning Through Data

Aim Small, Miss Small. - Thomas Devine.Personalized Learning Through Data


Retaining Your People Through Humor, Mentorship & Accountability

RETAINING YOUR PEOPLE - Anthony Scorsone.pptx


SCASA Legislative Update

SCASA Legislative Update


School Level HR Investigations: How to Lead by Following the Evidence


The Sweet Spot - Where Instruction, Culture, and Management Collide

The Sweet Spot


Transforming School Culture in a Priority School During a Global Pandemic!

SCASA Presentation 2022 - Austrai Bradley


Where General Education and Special Education Merge

Where Gen Ed and SPED Meet HANDOUT - Angie Neal.pdf


Where is the Love? Strategies for Creating Authentic, Personalized PD

Where is the Love_ Personalized PD Resources - Lilla Toal Mandsager.docx

2:15 p.m. Time Slot:

Coaching for Success for First and Second Year Teachers!

Coaching for Success for First and Second Year Teachers


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Oh My!

Resources - Remona Jenkins.pdf


AOC Format Year One and Two - Remona Jenkins.pdf

Achieve3000-ActivelyLearn-4pageBrochure (Digital)_V10_5-26-21 - John Miller.pdf

Learning Loss Brochure (3) - John Miller.pdf

A3K One pager (2) - John Miller.pdf

21087_ALEKS_Summer_School_Flyer_D01_Final (2) (1) - John Miller.pdf

IN_21_M_19939_SC_FLY_ALEKS COVID Learning Loss Flyer_South Carolina (1) (1) - John Miller.pdf


Ensuring Our Obligations to Multilingual Learners and Immigrant Children & Youth

Ensuring Our Obligations to Multilingual Learners and Immigrant Children & Youth - Zachary Taylor.pptx


From Basement to Boardroom: The Importance of Ensuring Technology Leaders Have A Seat At The Table.


Here is What Happened When We Created a Virtual School That Withstood a Pandemic: A Beginner's Guide to Building a Nurturing, Engaging, and Inspiring Virtual School

SCASA_ Virtual School Slides - William Dyer.pdf

Audience Guide- SCASA 2022 - William Dyer.pdf

SCASA_ Virtual School (1) - William Dyer.pdf


Inclusive Practices to Support Literacy for ALL Students

Inclusivity and Literacy SCASA 2022 - CHRISTY JAMES.pdf


National Update on the Teacher Shortage and Vision Planning for the Future

AASPA(Updated) (1) - Kelly Coash Johnson.pptx


Special Ed Law Update


Standards: You Don't Have to Write Them to Use Them

Standards_ You Don't Have to Write Standards to Use Them SCASA June 2022 REV - Barbara Nesbitt.pdf


Strategic Planning - Engaging the School Community

MCSD Strategic Plan Video - Deborah Wimberly.pdf

Marion County School District Strategic Plan 10.18.21 - Deborah Wimberly.pdf

Strategic Plan Two Pager Final Print Ready - Deborah Wimberly.pdf


Successful Collaboration for Student Behavioral Success (Home School and Off-Campus Intervention Program Working in Tandem)

Successful Collaboration Home School and Intervention Program - Beth Taylor.pdf


Transforming Your CTE Department to Grow Completers and Improve College and Career Readiness

Increasing Completers

CTE Courses and Pathways

MHS Non CCR Early Release Request Form

Sample MHS IGP Checklist

Sample MHS Registration Card


Vision Casting 101: What do you see?

Vision Casting 101 What do you see - Eugene Bellamy Jr.pptx

Vision Casting 101 What do you see - Eugene Bellamy Jr.pdf

3:30 p.m. Time Slot:

Assistant Principals' Roundtable Meeting


Elementary Affiliate Roundtable


Instructional Leaders/TAR Roundtable Meeting


Middle Level Affiliate Meeting


Operations Roundtable Meeting


Personnel Roundtable Meeting


Special Ed Roundtable Meeting


Tuesday: June 21, 2022

8:30 a.m. Time Slot:

Beyond Threat Assessment: Investigating and Decision-making for School and District Leaders

Beyond Threat Assessment - Alan Walters.pptx


Building a Culture to S.O.R. (The Science of Reading): Our School's Journey to Find Why Students Struggle to Meet Proficiency

Building a Culture to SOR presentation - gangrenefiero@yahoo.com.pdf


Changes to School Accountability: Student Growth that Adds Value (REPEAT)


Changing the Way We Tackle Text Dependent Analysis


G.R.O.W. Your Own (Getting Ready for Opportunities to Work - Moving from Classified to Certified)

GROW Presentation for I3- June 13a - Loretta Gadson.pptx

Praxis One Page jpg (1) - Loretta Gadson.jpg


Game Changer Session: Rallying Support: How to Cultivate Allies and Strengthen Partnerships During Times That Try Our Souls


Information Privacy Principles Protects Data & Web Accessibility Enables ADA Compliance

CoSN Privacy Toolkit June 2017 - Felix C.pdf

Student Data Privacy - Empowered Superintendent - Felix C.pdf

SCDE_2022 i3_Vbyrd - Felix C.pptx

SCDE Privacy_SCASA_2022 i3 Conference_FChilds - Felix C.pptx


Intentional Mentoring: Helping Everyone Reach Excellence (IM HERE)

Intentional Mentoring Handout

Mentoring Resources (1) - Tia Jones.pdf


License to Coach: Implementing School Wide Coaching Cycles for Administrators and Instructional Coaches

License to Coach


Life's a Beach with your Special Education Director on Speed Dial

Life is a beach - SCASA Communications


Pandemic Academic Recovery: Using Data to Inform Instructional Design and Recapture Learning

Pandemic Academic Recovery_ Using Data to inform Instructional Design and Recapture Learning - Twanisha Garner.pdf


Possibilities to Personalize Learning


Strengthening District and School Implementation of MTSS to Maximize Achievement for All Students

Quincie Moore MTSS i3 2022 - Taylor Seale.pptx

9:45 a.m. Time Slot:

Beyond PowerPoints and Videos: Interactive Emergency Training for School Personnel

Training Feedback - Charles Todd.pdf

Discussion Scenario Example Script - Charles Todd.pdf

React Exercise Example Script - Charles Todd.pdf

FMES Training Bulletin - Charles Todd.pdf

I3 Conference - Beyond PowerPoints and Videos - Charles Todd.pdf


Game Changer Session: Beyond Self-Care: School Mental Health for Faculty and Staff


Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The Most Up-to-Date News on Content Standards Implementation and Assessment Timeline


Is There an Early Literacy Crisis? NWEA Shares the Roots of the Literacy Crisis and Best Ways to Close Gaps in Literacy

SCASA Presentation 2022 - Lynne Kulich.pptx


It's Personal in Lexington Three: A Systematic Approach to Personalized Learning

Lexington Three's Personalized Learning Journey - Sonya Bryant


K to Career: Beginning with the End in Mind


Leading Learning Walks and Instructional Rounds in Your District


Not An Additional To Do; An Updated Teaching Learning Resource - The Instruction Hub

SCDE Hub presentation to SCASA June 2022 - Kathryn Lee DAndrea.pptx

2022 SCASA Presentation - Betsy Masters.pptx


Relationships Take the Lead


Success for Students with Sensory Loss


The South Carolina Retirement System, The Retirement Puzzle

SC Retirement System Presentation Slides


Utilizing a Teacher Retention Program as a Recruitment Tool - An Innovative Partnership


Focus on Exhibits

11:45 a.m. Time Slot:

2022-23 Palmetto’s Finest Award Process Overview

Palmetto's Finest Presentation Slides


Balancing Well-Being for Teachers and Staff

Spring 2022 PA Becky Dukes Article - Becky Dukes.pdf

To-do List - Becky Dukes.pdf

What's on your (1) - Becky Dukes.pdf


Bridging the Gap Between Students' Social Emotional Needs and Academic Achievement

Bridging the Gap Between Students' Social Emotional Needs and Academic Achievement


Creating Cultures of Community, Collaboration, and Coaching


From Arts Opportunity into Arts Excellence: Rebuilding Programs Post-COVID


Healthy, Happy Principal Hacks

Healthy, Happy Principal Hacks - Matia Goodwin.pdf


Maintaining Community Connections in a COVID-19 World

Communicating During COVID Presentation - Mackenzie Taylor.pdf


Mindfulness & Trauma Impact of COVID-19


MTSS in High School-Making Magic Happen

MTSS Making Magic Happnen at Secondary Level (SCASA 2022) - Rhonda Gregory


The First Five Years Matter

Presentation - First Five Years Matter - Janet Campbell.pptx


Your Secret Weapon for Success: Promoting Literacy in Secondary Schools

12:30 p.m. Time Slot:

Clear Touch Interactive - Creating Engaging Snowflake Lesson Activities


Imagine Learning - Create Equitable Experiences in Curricula & Instruction with Virtual Solutions


Imagine Learning - Simplify Your Solution: from Supplemental to Intervention to SCCCR Aligned Courses


Instructure - How Assessment & Data Analytics Work Together to Drive Student Success


Letterland - The Science of Reading + Child-friendly Instruction = Closing the Reading Gap!


Pearson - Dispelling the Myths of Online Learning;

About Pearson Virtual Schools - Lauren Lichtenberg.pdf

Pearson Summer School Options - Lauren Lichtenberg.pdf

Pearson 22:23 Course Catalog - Lauren Lichtenberg.pdf

Pearson - Dispelling the Myths of Online Learning SCASA i3 June 22 - Lauren Lichtenberg.pdf


Renaissance - Using Data to Identify Change and Improve Student Outcomes―Best Practices from Fort Mill School District


Savvas Learning - What's New with SIOP®

Syllabus_SIOP_T4T_Virtual Course - District 5-5-2020 (1) (1) (2) (1) (1) (3) - Samantha Saxenmeyer.pdf

Why SIOP with Savvas_ - Samantha Saxenmeyer.pdf

1:15 p.m. Time Slot:

Bridging the Gaps in Communication: Accurate and Actionable Communication Strategies that Lead to Increased Engagement and Participation from Parents and the Community


CarolinaCAP: Spurring Innovation Through Collaboration

CCAP_SCASAPresentation - Tria Grant.pptx


Consistency of Care: Collaboration, Communication, and Early Identification

Consistency of Care - Rikki Lowe.pptx


Game Changer Session: Responding to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Crisis by Creating and Sustaining Nurturing Schools Environments


Growing Educational Leaders


Innovating through the Instruction Hub


Instant Ideas


Keeping Schools Safe: Dealing with Guns and Gangs


Math Recovery Plan

Math Recovery Plan


New Special Education Directors: What are you WADING for? Tips and Tricks to Stay Afloat.

New Sped Directors - SCASA Communications


Sheltered Content Instruction for Multilingual Learners

Guidance Document for ML Lookfors - Melissa Westbury.pdf

SHELTERED INSTRUCTION Walkthrough Tool - Melissa Westbury.pdf

Sheltered Content Instruction for Multilingual Learners - Melissa Westbury.pdf


Transform RTI/MTSS for a Successful New School Year


Transforming Beyond the Classroom: The Golden Circle for School Leadership

Transforming Beyond the Classroom

2:30 p.m. Time Slot:

Consolidation Revelation


Everything You Thought You Knew about Leading a Title I School 

Everything You Thought You Knew about Leading a Title I School - FINAL 6.9.22 - Jewell Stanley.pptx

Title I School Parent and Family Engagement At a Glance - Final - Jewell Stanley.docx

Allowable Use of Funds Guidance for Title I March 2021 - Jewell Stanley.pdf


Game Changer Session: Leadership Maturity- Creating a Culture Through Introspection and Reflection


Interventions That Not Only Work, But Work Best

Strategies that Work Best - Taylor Seale.pptx


Keeping Schools Safe: Dealing with Guns and Gangs (REPEAT SESSION)


Let's Talk About Sex(ual Harassment) and Title IX: What Are Your Obligations?

Title IX Let's Talk About Sex(ual Harassment) - Victoriana Smith.pptx


MTSS: Can It Exist in High School?

MTSS_ Can It Exist in the High Schools - Tabitha Strickland.pdf


Plugging Your PLCs into Systematic Emergent Literacy Instruction

REL SE Foundations in Emergent Literacy Instruction Overview - Angela Compton.pdf

The SC Partnership to Implement Professional Learning Community_ Emergent Literacy (PLC-EL) - Angela Compton.pdf

SCASA I3 Plugging Your PLCs into Systematic Emergent Literacy Instruction June 2022 - Angela Compton.pdf


Recreating Professional Development During a Pandemic and Beyond


The Village Effect: Strengthening Students' Resiliency and Wellbeing through Partnerships and Mentoring

SCASAi3_2022_The_Village_Effect - Josh Patterson.pdf


Want Better School Leaders? Improve their Supervisor FIRST!

Want Better School Leaders?