Professional Affiliates

SCASA consolidates the resources and strength of administrators in every phase of education. Ten affiliates enable professionals to network with others who share their immediate concerns, while the association as a whole provides a strong foundation for educational improvement and individual professional growth.

Superintendents' Affiliate Secondary Principals' Affiliate
District Superintendents Principals and assistant principals of high schools.

Dr. Fay Sprouse
District Superintendent
Greenwood District 51 (Ware Shoals)

Mrs. Karen Radcliffe
Ashley Ridge High School
Dorchester District 2

Middle Level Principals' Affiliate Elementary Principals' Affiliate
Principals and assistant principals of middle schools. Principals and assistant principals of elementary schools.

Mrs. Anna Miller
Chapin Middle School
Lexington/Richland District 5

Ms. Jan Fickling
Midway Elementary School
Lexington District 1

Adult Education Affiliate Career & Technology Education Administrators' Affiliate
State, district and school level directors of adult education District and school-level leaders of career and technology education

Janice Walpole
Director of Adult Education
Anderson District 1 & 2 Adult Education

Leon Burgess
Director of College and Career Readiness
Florence District 3


Education Deans' Affiliate Education Specialists' Affiliate
Higher education deans and professors

Directors of special ed, technology, guidance, business,information, etc.

Lienne Medford
Dean, Education and Graduate Studies
Converse College

Mrs. Mary Anne Byrd
Community Relations Executive Director
Kershaw County Schools

Instructional Leaders' Affiliate Personnel Affiliate
Assistant and Deputy Superintendents for Instruction, Directors of Instruction, Chief Academic Officers, other district instructional leaders State and district level personnel/HR administrators

Mrs. Angie Rye
Chief Academic Officer
Lexington School District 3

Ms. Denise Sowell 
Director of Human Resources
Fairfield County Schools


Assistant Principals' Roundtable
Chair:  Chastity Evans, Richland District Two

Benefits Coordinators’ Roundtable
Chair:  Rebecca Duncan, Greenwood District 50
Communications Roundtable

Chair:  Mary Anne Byrd, Kershaw County Schools

Early Childhood Roundtable
Chair:  Jaime Dawson, Spartanburg District 3
Federal Programs/Grants Coordinators’ Roundtable
Chair:  Beth Brooks, Newberry County Schools
Finance Roundtable
Chair:  Missy Campbell, Spartanburg District 7 and Deena Bishop

Fine Arts Coordinators’ Roundtable
Chair:  Erin Fitzgerald, Lexington District 1
Gifted & Talented Coordinators’ Roundtable
Chair:  Rick Blanchard, Berkeley County Schools
Instructional Technology Leaders' Roundtable
Chair:  Stewart Lee, Anderson District 3

Operations Roundtable
Chair:  Bob Grant, Orangeburg County Schools and Greg Wood, Spartanburg District 5

Retiree Roundtable
Chairs:  Judy Holmes, Chuck & Sandra Welch

Security Specialists’ Roundtable
Chair:  Ryan Cothran, Spartanburg District 5
Special Education Directors' Roundtable
Chair:  Angie Slatton, Lexington-Richland District 5
Student Services' Roundtable
Chair:  Dr. Robert Smalls, Richland District 1

Technology Leaders' Roundtable
Chairs:  Josh Shepard, Oconee County Schools and Tina Leitzsey, Newberry County Schools

Testing & Accountability Roundtable
Chair:  Jennifer Coleman, Richland District 1