Getting Started

How Does My School Get Started?

Implementation of the program begins with a certified OBPP Trainer-Consultant conducting a two day training for a Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee at the school.

How Can My School and District Become Trained?

There are two options when considering OBPP training for your school and/or district. 
  1. Locate an OBPP Certified Trainer-Consultant.  Click here for a listing of OBPP Certified Trainer-Consultants in South Carolina.  Trainer-Consultant rates will vary. All of our Trainer-Consultants are trained to guide your school committees in their implementation of OBPP with fidelity.
  2. Secure an OBPP Certified Trainer-Consultant within your district.  If your district has more than three school buildings, you may find it more cost effective to have someone from your school district become an OBPP Certified Trainer-Consultant. Information about Trainer-Consultant Certification costs and the application process are found on the OBPP Trainer Certification section at
What Does the Training Process Include?
Training and ongoing technical assistance are offered for schools interested in implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and include:
  • A 2-day training offered to members of a school's Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee (BPCC). Trainings are conducted by OBPP Certified Trainers-Consultants.
  • Ongoing telephone consultation for at least one full school year (18-24 months preferred) with an OBPP Certified Trainer-Consultant.
For More Information About Training
If you have any questions, difficulty in finding a trainer for your school, or are interested in hosting a Trainer Certification Course in your area, please contact either June Jenkins ( or Jan Urbanski ( 

What Materials Are Needed to Implement the OBPP?
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is the leading publisher of evidence-based prevention programs and the exclusive publisher of the OBPP. An electronic subscription of all the materials plus the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire are available.  Visit Program Materials at for prices or visit the SCASA online Bullying Prevention Initiative Store. 

What Are the Cost Benefits of Implementing the OBPP?
The greatest costs are incurred during initial start-up, but you will need to budget for ongoing training and other activities that will keep your staff’s commitment to the program running high. Keep in mind that the financial cost of bullying to a school district is felt in lost revenue when students leave school due to bullying. A recent Cost Benefit Analysis of OBPP implementation found that a district can recover more than the cost of OBPP implementation if they prevent just two students from transferring to an alternative setting due to school bullying. Research-based bullying prevention programs are a wise investment.

How Can I Learn More?
Why the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Works:  A document explaining the comprehensive nature of the OBPP and how it incorporates what researchers have determined to be best practice in bullying prevention and intervention.
The OBPP annual report, "Bullying in US Schools: 2014 Status Report", published in October 2015, presents recent data on elementary, middle, and high school students' experiences with and attitudes about bullying during the 2013-2014 school year.