Peaceful School Bus

By James Dillon, M.S.
School Principal and Certified Olweus Trainer

A recent survey by the National Association of School Resource Officers stated that 35 percent of its members reported an increase in school bus violence.

Peaceful School Bus Program was developed by an elementary school principal and a certified trainer of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. Like OBPP, the Peacful School Bus Program isn't a curriculum or a discipline program, nor is it a training program for bus drivers. it is a whole-school program that's designed to decrease inappropriate behavior on buses while creating a climate of respect and cooperation. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students take part in school bus route meetings. At these meeting the students

  • take part in team-building exercises
  • develop mentoring relationships by pairing older students with younger students on the bus
  • talk about bullying and what behavior is and is not acceptable
  • get to personally know their driver, who is present at the meetings
Although first developed and implemented in an elementary school setting, the program can be adapted for use with middle school and even high school studnets, who can serve as mentors, role models, and teachers of younger students.

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