Membership FAQs

Q. What is the cost of a SCASA membership?
A. For cost, please view our SCASA Memberships Categories.

Q. What benefits are offered with a SCASA membership?
A. Please view benefits of SCASA membership.

Q. When is my membership renewal date?
A. SCASA memberships are based on the academic school calendar from July 1st to June 30th. Memberships and Group Plans expire on June 30th of each year. Members may renew online with a credit card using the "Renew" link below their name. A 60-day grace period, thru Aug 31, is given for renewal processing. Memberships remain active during this grace period.

Q. My district is a “subscribing” district. Does a District Subscription include membership?
A. No. This is a professional development program and does not include SCASA memberships. This subscription consists of a series of professional development seminars held throughout the school year. It is available for all employees in a Subscribing District to attend. Registration is free to employees of subscribing districts; however, a minimal cost may apply when lunch is provided. The Office Professionals’ Conference for support staff is included in this subscription.

Q. Several of us are joining SCASA. Can we be obtain an invoice for our memberships?
A. Yes, please contact SCASA and will work with you to streamline the invoice for your organization. All districts are offered a group plan which carries a discounted rate for participants. Please check with your district office or contact the SCASA office for further information on your district's plan. National Association dues may be grouped on one invoice for two or more persons.

Q. When joining SCASA, are members automatically enrolled in a national association (or vice versa)?
A. No. Memberships in SCASA and/or national associations are separate. SCASA encourages you to also join the appropriate national association receive the million dollar liability coverage. Members may join a National Association with a SCASA Application or SCASA National Associations Application.

Q. I recently joined SCASA. When will I begin to receive information and materials?
A. An email confirmation is sent upon processing of payment. SCASA email correspondence is sent to your "preferred email address." The Palmetto Administrators’ magazine is mailed out each the fall. If you do not receive your issue or SCASA emails, please call the office or email

Q. I have left my current position and will begin work at another educational institution. Will I retain my membership?
A. Memberships paid by the individual will be retained by that member. Members may update their contact information online via the View/Edit link on their member portal webpage or email changes to SCASA Membership. Those paid by an institution are transferred to the incoming staff for that position.

Q. May I view or print invoices and receipts online?
A. Yes. Simply log in and scroll to the bottom of your member portal page. Click on View Accounting History to access these documents.

Q. Do you offer a special membership rate if several staff want to join?
A. Yes. Discounted group plans are offered to school districts (see memberships categories).