SCASA Member Categories

Active SCASA membership is open to all persons who serve as a school system leader or who are in an administrative position in a public or private school system, education agency/association, college or university. A full array of SCASA member benefits offers leadership development opportunities, conference discounts, legislative lobbying and updates, limited insurance and legal assistance. Dues also include membership in a SCASA Affiliate (Division). Members may hold office in their division and will receive mailings and information specific to that Affiliate (Division).

SCASA memberships run concurrent with the academic school year. Membership periods begin July 1st and expire on June 30th of the academic school year. In June, active SCASA members receive a $195 registration discount for the annual Innovative Ideas Institute.

2016-17 SCASA Membership Application

Membership Categories

2016-2017 Individual/Individual Institutional Membership

Members in this category are eligible to vote, hold elected office and receive legal support from SCASA. See Membership Application for payment options.

Members may renew online. Log in at and select the "Membership Renewal" link. The "Paid Thru Date" listed is the membership expiration date.
2016-2017 Retiree Membership

$ 75.00
Retiree membership is open to SCASA members who are no longer employed full-time in education. Legal coverage continues for those issues that occurred during the period of continuous full-time (active) SCASA membership. Retirees may not vote or hold office. This membership category excludes TERI and Full-Time Employees.

Please call us at (803) 798-8380 or email SCASA Membership for a retiree membership application.

Current retiree members may renew online. Log in at and select the "Renew" link. The "Paid Thru Date" listed is a member's expiration date.
2016-2017 Institutional Group Plan
Institutional Plans are offered to all school districts and sent to the Plan Liaison. For information on group plans, please contact SCASA at (803) 798-8380 or email SCASA Membership.

Group Participants are eligible to vote, hold elected office and receive legal support from SCASA. Benefits are the same as Individual Memberships.
2016-2017 District Superintendent

Individuals in this category are eligible to vote, hold elected office and receive legal support from SCASA. This category is open only to District Superintendents of a school district.

National Association Memberships

Everyone is encouraged to join their appropriate national association through SCASA. Memberships are valid July 1 - June 30 of each academic school year. They offer the million dollar liability coverage--see member benefits at the respective websites. Below are the membership categories for the national associations:

2016-17 National Association Membership Application
American Association of School Administrators

AASA Membership Categories:
Active $450
Professor $200
Associate $200
Aspiring Admin $75
Retired $75
National Association of Elementary School Principals

NAESP Membership Categories:
Individual $235
Institutional:  $280
Associate $135
Aspiring Principal $80
Retired $60
Emeritus:  $118
National Association of Secondary School Principals

NASSP Membership Categories:
Individual $250
Institutional Individual $250
Associate $85
First-Time Members $215
Retired $50